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Monday, May 3, 2010

Faux Obituary (it's not real people)

Stephanie Holt, 72, of San Diego, died peacefully Wednesday.

She was born in to the late Ruben Valenzuela and Maribel Galvez, August 21, 1983 in Las Vegas, NV.  She married her highschool sweetheart, the late Matthew Holt in 2002 and is survived by 3 daughters, Jade Romero, of San Diego, CA, Samantha McCullar, of Portland,OR and Elise Andrews, of Sacramento,CA.  She also is survived by 6 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren, as well as dozens of foster children and their children.

Stephanie loved to travel and lived adventurously, fully trusting in her Lord, Jesus Christ, to provide for her family financially and spiritually.  Because of her faith, she raised her children in a Christian home, and although critized by the Christian community as being a radical and babaric in her walk with Christ, was known by many for her love for orphans and the community that she created around her home in Southern California. 

Stephanie and her late husband Matthew founded The Gathering, an art community within the neighborhood they resided in, promoting freedom to worship God through art, music and writing.  Neighbors attribute the peaceful quality of living in the 1 mile radius of this block to The Gathering and many state that although The Gathering is founded on Christianity, they have never felt excluded from the community due to cultural or religious differences.  The San Diego police department has recognized The Gathering for being a contributing factor to the decline of crime in the area and the San Diego Union Tribune has recognized The Gathering as the reason for the increase in property value in the neighborhood since its establishment in 2032.  Her daughter Jade Romero has heired this non profit organization and will continue with its operation to promote community, faith, hope and love.

Stephanie has written several childrens book and an autobiography was published in 2054.

A memorial service will be held Saturday at Mission Beach at 5p.  An evening of celebration and rememberance of Mrs. Holt's life will be held by The Gathering community in their neighborhood at 7p.  All are invited for an evening of community and love...the greatest being love.


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