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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vintage Light Coffee and Tea House

Good morning. It's still morning! I'm not a morning person... at all. But today is different. Today, I'm a free bird doing whatever I want till about 2:40p.

I chose to check out a new coffee house in Rochester called Vintage Light. Marsha has been telling me about this little secret for months and I've finally made it here. One word... Perfect.

Located on the Northeast side of Rochester by Shopko, this homey coffee shop whispers quietly "come in and chill."

Their menu includes a variety of speciality coffees and teas, cold and hot and also features an assortment of baked goods, baked fresh here daily. The coffee scone is awesome and it goes great with my caramel mocha inexpensively priced with both items just over 5 dollars. A reasonable price to pay for such goodness.

The atmosphere is welcoming and bright. Unlike the other chain shops who all seem to have the same color palette on their walls, Vintage Light is painted in funky purples and teals. Family Photos hang on the wall behind a comfy L shaped couch with a crocheted blanket hanging on it's back. A dinner table sits in front of a retro/fridaesque painting of two women having tea minus the uni-brow painters face.

I like that there's randomly placed end tables with chairs next to them giving it a living room feel. That's how I feel right now... you know when you go back to your parents house and it's just warm and welcoming and lived in? Yeah, where you just feel like you belong there and you can kick off your shoes and play scrabble all afternoon and not worry about the world outside of that safety zone. (Damn this scone is good.) I won't kick off my shoes though, I'm sure it's against some health code.

For those of you who tend to not venture too far from Caribou, Java Detour, or Starbucks, you'll find that Vintage can make pretty much anything those other guys can, maybe even better. And for you non-coffee/tea drinkers, Vintage Light also offers smoothies, creamosas, Italian sodas and fresh lemonade, which I just had and was absolutely amazed with.

Stop in and support this independent coffee shop and it's owners who are also your very friendly baristas. Maybe next time I'm free I'll buy you a cup of Joe.

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