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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Random Dreams

When I was 5 maybe I got lost in a pet store at the Meadows Mall. I didn't really get lost, I just realized that my uncle wasn't around when I looked up and I freaked out. He was just outside the entrance waiting for us to come out. But for those 2 or 3 minutes I felt completely terrified and I started to cry. I remember Talia being there and taking my hand and telling me to calm down or something equivelant in spanish I'm sure. We were both five and with all the emotions that I was experiencing at once I remember thinking that Talia was so brave and I was such a coward.

This moment in my childhood, that lasted about 5 minutes, continued to be a reoccuring nightmare for months. In the dream though, there were kidnappers and big vans with no windows.

I wonder if Talia remembers this day.

One of my earliest memories was of another reoccuring dream too. We lived in these apartments on the top of the Bonanza hill on 14th street. I remember dreaming that my family was watching TV and this huge snake same from under the couch and tried to devour us all. I think I was about 3 or 4 at this time.


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