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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Where I'd Rather Be

This was written about a month ago and for some reason never published.  I will publish it now.

The following is going to be an entry written while listening to Rancid's Let the Dominoes Fall.

Bare with me as my thoughts might become distracted by Tim Armstrong singing ridiculous lyrics in the background.

It's Easter Sunday around 10 pm.  I sitting in the ramp office at work waiting for a plane that's over 2 hours late.  The atmosphere is dense and outside is cold and windy.  There are so many places I'd rather be right now.  I will list a few.

  1. Santa Monica, CA
  2. Las Vegas, NV
  3. My house, my back yard
  4. My car
  5. an imaginary art studio set in my new apartment 2 months from now.
  6. First Friday
  7. Heaven
  8. The Gun Store
  9. At the movies with my cousins
  10. Having sushi with Brett Kasden
  11. Having a beer with Brett Kasden
  12. On the river
  13. Seattle
  14. The Warf
  15. Time Square
  16. Central Park
  17. Over at Delta
  18. India with Shauna McCullar
  19. IHOP with Shauna McCullar
  20. Geo Caching with Matthew
  21. In bed with Matthew (meow)
  22. Barn Bar
  23. In the middle of the road on Washington and Mojave
  24. On my roof with a hot cup of coffee
  25. Destiny Church between 6-7p YESTERDAY
  26. At a Counting Crows Concert
  27. At a coffee shop playing chess with Matthew
  28. I'd rather be high
  29. Amoeba Records
  30. Id rather be drawing outside
Id rather be standing at the dmv in Vegas on a Friday at lunch time.  Yeah.  So even though that list wasn't written in order of preference, you get the picture of how little I want to be here.  Life is suppose to be about living and when I'm here i'm waiting.  I'm waiting for the clock to speed up and the plane to land so that I can get the fuck out of this place and start to live.


Blogger shauna said...

Awwwww...you are cute :)
I'd rather be in India with you too!

May 11, 2010 at 12:15 AM  

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