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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Day As of Now

I'm sitting next to a woman with a drawing kit and a sketchbook purchased at Michaels.

She's drawing a vase from a rather small picture stored in her iPod. I wonder what she's listening to. I bet she's listening to Josh Groban. She seems like the type of woman that watches American Idol and probably downloads her music legally.

She's using a 3B pencil and is really good at shading. I suspect that this lady, based on her artistic level and purchased items is at most a natural artist with no real training but probably self taught. I bet she always loved drawing and was always told she was good at it but never had time for school. Or at least decided that art wasn't a worth wasting X amount of years in college. So instead she decided that she was just gonna do it as a hobby and bring a sketch book on board flight whatever to Dallas today. That's what's going on today. With me. A flight to Dallas. I wish I had a sketch book.

The flight is going rather smoothly. Approximate time of arrival from this point is one hour and 35 mins. 78 degrees scattered clouds in DFW awaits me. I'm being flown there with the assistance of Tom Calcagno as our First Officer. I always thought he was a Captain. I can't wait to hug him on the way out. He's sweet and is one of our favorites at RST.

I could use a Kindle.

This lady is still using the same pencil.

You know when you look at a drawing and it looks proportionate from the angle you're sitting at and then you get right in front of it and notice that it really isn't. And that the whole thing is just crap, and that you wished that you had never seen that angle cause now you’re just sorta embarrassed for it and you want to look away and maybe lie to the artist (or yourself) about what you really think of it? I wonder if that will be the case with this drawing being created beside me. Amazing however how a blank piece of paper is all of a sudden interesting. Well to me anyway. This drawing has made up a huge part of this blog. Should I ask the lady if I can take a pic of it? I will. The drawing is finished by the way. All with the same pencil. A box full of graphite pencils and only one sharpened. She should go to school.

We're about to arrive. All electronics should be turned off now and stowed underneath the seat in front of me.

I'm gonna talk to the lady in 9E now. And ask what's she's listening to.


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