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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Little Boxes and Unintentional Assumptions

Beautiful Arab woman fly into our station a lot. They are never without a male companion and are always wearing black. I always want to talk to em and get to know their culture but the timing is never right. I wonder if anyone outside of their culture speak to them ever. Like how one would spark up conversation in a line at Panera Bread.

Its intimidating cause they're always so quiet. Even at check in they show their passports and step back. I imagine that it would be a bit lonely never getting to know other people. Being trapped in that little box you were born in. A clear see through box too would be the worst. Watching the world around you. Seeing the beauty that other people have to offer and never getting to know all of God's people.

I'm not saying that they can't possibly be happy with their lives the way they are. I just can't imagine life being as fulfilling without the different people around me. The different backgrounds and stories. Getting to know a variety of people who are nothing like me is so amazing and exciting and not boring. Seeing the beauty of someones character as you walk through the initial wreckage of their imperfect lives. Seeing how past decisions, good or bad, shape a persons personality.

Getting to know a stranger is like watching a beautiful painting being created in front of you. The piece of art could take 5 mins to be completed at the check out line or a lifetime in your own home, never getting to see the finished masterpiece, unless you can appreciate the undone artwork in front of you.
I'm glad I don't live in that box.


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