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Monday, March 15, 2010

My Husband

My husband Matthew is amazing. I grew up with him so I should know. We've been together for 11 years now and everyday is filled with exciting twist and turns.

Although I feel like I know him more than anyone in this world, he's still mysterious, leaving me to ask the "who are you?" question. His thirst to obtain knowledge and motivation to use it and share it, makes him a man who is always different, never afraid to change his outlook on things while keeping his integrity.

My favorite part about being married to my best friend is his sense of humor and quick wit. He's sensitive to my feelings (unless the joke is gonna be really good) but still he is not afraid to give me shit when I'm my high horse and I need to be knocked down. He pushes me to the limit and backs off when I've had enough. He's not that good at mind reading yet but he's also smart enough to not assume things as most people tend to do.

He is obsessed with making us happy, and that means, providing and protecting us from anything that might make us the opposite of this word. And unlike some men who can't wait to go on that hunting trip or fishing for the week, he looks forward to spending time with his kids and hanging out with his wife. I see and feel the difference between his relationship with our girls and my fathers relationship with me. It is genuine and not burdensome. He longs to be with us and we long to be with him.

I'm a lucky girl to be with such a fun, sexy, caring and smart man. Thank you God.


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