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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Life: What Happened?

Hello I'm calling from (insert company name here) and this call is being recorded to ensure quality customer service. I need to advise you that this call is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtain can be used to ruin your credit, quality of living and sanity. You owe us an absurd amount of money, mostly from high interest rates which we tricked you into paying when you signed our 10 page contract 3 years ago. The balance is X thousand dollars, will you be paying with visa or mastercard?

(insert laughter here, followed by loud sigh)

This is my life as of late.

Bills, collections, repossesions, laughter and a lot of drinking.

These calls 3 years ago were none exsistent. Our accounts were in good standing with all of our creditors. Our bank accounts were impressive for a couple of twenty-somethings and our caller ID never flashed "want low debt" across its backlit screen.

What happened?


Life happened and some of it really sucked, most of it has been tolerable and all of it has been worth it.

Funny how a couple of curve balls can send your winning streak all to hell. Even funnier is when you take those curve balls, catch 'em in your mitt and throw them back so hard and fast that you set new records for fastest hit in the face! That's right Life, go ahead and try to beat me, I'll just end up hitting you on your big stupid face.

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