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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Her Children Stand and Bless Her

Sammy keeps staring at me with these light brown eyes. Her stare is so deep. I wonder what she’s thinking right now.

She has the spout of her sippy cup clenched between her teeth with her head tipped back. Every now and then I hear a gulp of chocolate milk going down her throat as she tries to balance herself upright.

She stumbles left and right, her oversized head is throwing her body around. She keeps trying to steady herself all the while her arms stretched out beside her.

Her stare is studying my facial expression. She observes that they are one of acceptance and satisfaction so she smiles, teeth still clenched to hold the cup in her mouth. Sammy starts to exaggerate her clumsiness to the rhythm of the music playing on my IPOD, and a feeling of content fills up my body as I realize how blessed my life is.

This was written back in August. Sammy was 18 months.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hissing and Waving

I felt like it was necessary to post this. My roaches fight eachother everyday and its pretty interesting. Usually they turn around and push eachother with their butts until one defeats the other by getting them on their back.

There's a lot of antenna waving and hissing.

On this particular day, Christmas music sparked this quarrel. Its a short video but interesting none the less.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

To: Tom Gardner; Jared Snyder

Text sent 12/29/09 9:50 pm
I was thinking on the drive home how you both think I'm dramatic and this bothered me. Then I thought that the word you guys are thinking of is maybe excited or spazztic which would be a more positive and accurate way to describe my reactions to everyday situations. PLUS...it made me feel better cause well...it just is better. So....yeah.

Reply JS: that text was pretty dramatic.

Reply SH: See again, I think you're thinking of another word...like maybe...right. I think you meant, that text is pretty RIGHT. Or maybe you meant to say You're right I'm sorry.

Reply TG: I like spazztic

Reply SH: I like how you encourage me.

Reply TG: I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Reply SH: its good

Reply JS: nope

Reply SH: I know. : (

I just liked that this happened today.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

We Are Experiencing Some Delays

Well no shit!

What's new?

I'm in a good mood considering the chaos that develops once this 2 syllable word is uttered at our quiet little airport. My day is almost over as soon as this flight gets here. If it ever gets here. But I got to be thankful that I'm not an agent at O'hare. There's that.

And speaking of agents at O'hare... I wonder what the percentage of employees suffering from mental disorders is there. God bless you guys, you really are a rare and unappreciated group. Thanks for all you do and God help you today.

Friday, December 25, 2009


The forecast today reads as follows: The National Weather Service In La Crosse Has Issued A Winter
Weather Advisory For A Wintry Mix Of Sleet And Snow...Which Is In
Effect Until 6 PM CST This Evening. The Winter Storm Warning Has
Been Cancelled.

* Rain Will Continue This Morning And Mix In With Sleet At Times And Will Change Over To Snow This Afternoon.

I am currently on a couch in Millville, MN. Laying here wide eyed listening to a fish tank and the heavy breathing of two grown adults and rain hitting heavy snow.

The picture featured below was the view I had a little over an hour ago as I woke up to a slap in the face, hence moving to the couch which I am now sharing with a very aggressive kicker named Jade. They really are cuter when they sleep.

Since then I haven't been able to fall back asleep, mostly cause I'm not in my own bed but also cause I'm really dehydrated and hot. I figured blogging about it might help. Although I bet that drinking some water would be more effective.

I'm gonna write some more and then try the water thing... It doesn't make sense but then again...who cares?

Its annoying how when one is having difficulty falling asleep random thoughts keep popping into one's mind, causing one to lay in the dark in a meditative state. My brain is on this memory rollercoaster right now recounting times that I really didn't know were still stored in my head. This causes me to wonder about certain people and where they are right now and what they're doing. Then I start to imagine what we would talk about, say, if we happened to agree to a lunch date.

These made up scenarios play in my mind like a movie. Sometimes they become very detailed and elaborate and sometimes they just become a musical and I get a song stuck in my head for the rest of the day. That's never good, cause songs that get stuck in your head are usually ones with catchy hooks that drive people crazy and crazy people are potentially dangerous. And this is why I should go to sleep. Don't want anyone getting driven to insanity on this Christmas day. That's what today is...Merry Christmas everyone. I'm gonna go see about that water now.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Why This Makes Me Happy

Cause this is what I do... And you know why I do the things that I do? For the fun of it!!! And because I'm a poor decision maker.

I just registered for mobile blogger and I gotta say...I'm tickled.